Brick Paver Maintenance and Sealing Services - Macomb, MI 48044 - 48042

Brick Pavers offer instant beauty and curb appeal to your home when installed properly. However, due to the harsh elements of Michigan weather, your brick pavers may settle, shift, attract weeds & moss, and even start to look old and faded.

The experts at PAVERFIX PROS have developed a simple, yet very effective paver maintenance process to make your old pavers look new again!

Our 4-Step Process

Step 1 - Fix

Our team of experienced paver repair experts will pull-up and relevel your existing brick pavers.

Step 2 - Clean

Our power washing technicians will then deep clean all your brick pavers to remove dirt, weeds, and moss to give your brick pavers a like-new appearance.


Step 3 - Sand

We will then sweep in seal & lock performance sand that has been screened, dried, and mixed with clear polymers to offer superior interlock once the paver sealer is applied.

Step 4 - Seal

In the fourth and final step, we will apply 1-coat of Matte Finish Sealer with a slotted foam roller to enhance, enrich, and protect your pavers.

Sealed pavers will require 24-Hours to dry before use.

 Do You Need Paver Maintenance Services in Macomb MI?